Trends in the world of fashion and interior design come and go, but right now in 2018 we are seeing a huge revival in the popularity of 50’s and 60’s furniture brands like GPlan, Ercol, Cintique and Parker Knoll to name a few.

Upholsterers around the world are posting images on social media platforms of their upcycled ideas bringing new life to an old but steady frame.  Many are restoring designs and materials to their former glory.  Both approaches are proving to be a big hit with interior designers and home owners as these 70 year old pieces of furniture have lasted the test of time and now add new life into modern homes.

Below is an example of a beautifully crafted and upcycled vintage GPlan sideboard by Muck N Brass.

Below is an example of an untouched original GPlan bedside table being used as a side table in a lounge.

Both work well in their respective environments and interior styles.

Interior design styles may come and go in popularity but something’s are gone forever.  Below are two examples of the main changes in home décor from mid century to today

People across the world are sharing ideas on how to keep these brands relevant and alive in todays homes. A Facebook Group called ‘GPlan Furniture’ is full of fascinating imagery and opinions from people who have grown up with these brands and people who are new to them.  Below is an example of the respect and interest in good quality furniture design that stands the test of time.

Basil Hyman, co Author of The GPlan Revolution book has created a masterpiece explaining how these brands and designs came into British homes in the 50’s and 60’s and changed the face of furniture forever.

This book is a historical account of the development of vintage furniture design in the fifties and particularly the sixties. However, the emphasis is on an interesting and entertaining read for the popular market, rather than an academic textbook. The publication is also a good guide for the collector or anyone with an interest in vintage retro furniture. The “G Plan Revolution” is a colourful, hardback, packed with period advertisements from companies such as E Gomme Ltd and Ercol Furniture Ltd. It has instant appeal to anyone who remembers G Plan in its heyday, or those who have an interest in collecting furniture from the sixties or a general nostalgia for the era. This furniture book not only discusses G-Plan, including the history of E Gomme Ltd, but also many other furniture manufacturers of this period.